Step 1

The visual estimate is typically completed by an Appraiser who will either be from your Insurance Company, a third-party, or directly here with us.  They will look over your car and use the visual damage to decide a preliminary cost-assessment to give the Repair Planner a place to start.

Using software that enables them to get real-time parts pricing and insurance or shop rates, the Appraiser will be able to give you an accurate visual damage estimate.

Step 2

The next step, if you’re going through insurance, is for the appraiser to confer with your company to decide any changes to the damage estimate – this can often involve varying parts requirements and other elements that make sure that you and your insurance provider are being best served with the estimate given.

In the case of an older, or highly damaged vehicle, this will also help your Insurance Company to decide whether the car is a ‘Total Loss’, meaning that it is more expensive to repair than it is worth.

If it is not a loss, then the car will now be able to begin the repair process!

Step 3

When your car is first brought in, we remove damaged parts to allow the technicians to find any further damage that was hidden by those pieces.  If there is, the Repair Planner will begin to write a Supplement to the original Estimate, which is then processed by the Appraiser and your Insurance Company.  Sometimes, this can happen more than a few times as each part of the process continues.

This is a point where we can sometimes find the ‘tipping point’ to where your car could be a total, if the hidden damage is extensive.

Step 4

Once we confirm the damage, it’s time to order the replacement parts.  This step is done in stages; once before you bring your car, and again after disassembly to order any further parts required.  This step is important as the technicians cannot begin the repair process until all parts have arrived.

Occasionally parts are back-ordered, delayed, or considered a ‘special order’, which can delay the repair process.  This can lead to longer repair times, and is often unavoidable.

Step 5

At this stage, we return the unitized body back to factory specifications using a sophisticated measuring system to watch all phases in this area. A computer-based
measurement system will analyze the frame of your vehicle and assure an exact repair.

Step 6

The Body Repair Department replaces exterior panels, and all metal finishing that is required. The vehicle begins to come back to life as we install and align sheet metal. From here the vehicle will go to the paint preparations department.

Step 7

Paint Preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process of every vehicle. We prepare panels for paint, then prime and seal to assure good adhesion when we apply the last top color and clear coats of paint. The new paint can take several months to fully settle, and is treated with care until complete.  Check out our FAQ for more information!

Step 8

We put final moldings and detail pieces back on the vehicle and run a check on all of the vehicle’s systems during this process. The vehicle is almost complete and ready for delivery – but often dusty from the repair process!

Before heading to Detail, it will be road-tested to make sure everything is working properly, and a last examination will assure it has returned to its pre-accident condition.

Step 9

Our professional Detail Team will take your vehicle and clean it out, getting rid of the dust and debris of the repair process.  We box any remaining personal items while we vacuum your car and use compressed air to blow out every speck.  The exterior will be hand-washed to protect any new paint, and then it will be Quality Checked to catch any remaining issues.

Step 10

Once our Customer Care Representative has approved your vehicle for delivery, they will call to let you know what time and arrange a time for you to pick it up.  They will also confirm any money owed, and go over any concerns you may have over the phone.

When you arrive, they will give you the paperwork and answer your questions, as well as going with you to see your completed repair and address anything you see in person.

As you drive away, our warranty assures that any issue, no matter how small, is easily addressed on all of our collision repairs!