Frequently Asked Questions – Auto & Truck Rental

In order to make the rental process a bit easier, take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions:


Are there any restrictions on where I can go with the rental?

Our vehicles are restricted to the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic corridors. If you are travelling outside of those areas, we may still be able to assist you.  Call or email today and we will be happy to help! Rental Coverage - Click for More Info

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Can I rent to take my license test?

No.  Only licensed drivers of at least 21 years of age are able to drive our rental vehicles.

I would like to rent a specific car. Can you do that?

Although we are happy to give you a choice of vehicle upon arrival, we cannot guarantee specific models, colors or options in advance due to availability. If you are concerned, you may call us prior to your arrival to let us know your preference and we will try and accommodate you.

How can I reserve a vehicle?

You may reserve using our online reservation system all of our passenger and moving vehicles when renting a single vehicle. Our Group Booking page allows online requests for multiple vehicles, but does not guarantee your rental. If you are a repeat customer you may also reserve by text, or by email. We accept all reservations by phone on 413-549-2880 during our business hours.


Do I have to have a Credit Card to rent a vehicle?

Yes, a minimum deposit of $300 on a major credit card in the renter’s name is required. However, under certain conditions a debit card may be used for the rental transaction if the renter has full collision and comprehensive coverage that is transferable.  Please contact us for more information.

May I use someone else’s Credit Card to rent a vehicle?

Unfortunately no, the renter must present a credit card in their name.

Picking Up Your Rental

May others drive the vehicle I rent?

Only persons who have been added to the rental agreement may drive the rental vehicle.  Each person must meet our qualifications and is subject to additional fees.  NOTE: Additional drivers may not be covered by your insurance policy or credit card protection.  We recommend you check with your providers prior to adding drivers.

Will you pick me up?

Yes!  We offer free local pick up in the Amherst area. Our customer care team will coordinate picking you up and bringing you to our facility.  Please call at least 30 minutes ahead to allow adequate notice.  We can offer rides from 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

I want to pick up when you’re not open, can I do that?

Unfortunately, all renters are required to come in person to sign the rental agreement and have their credit card swiped for the deposit.  You are welcome to rent the vehicle and leave it on premises to pick up at a later time, however.

Rental Qualifications

How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

The minimum age to rent and drive is 21 years of age. For drivers 21 to 24 years of age there is a $10.00 charge per day.

Can my friend rent for me?

As long as the renter qualifies, including having a major credit card and valid U.S. license, we are happy to rent to them.  With you as an additional driver, there may be coverage issues.  Please have the renter check with their insurance and credit card providers to confirm how adding you as a driver may affect coverage. Additional drivers are subject to additional fees.  Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help!

Returning Your Rental

Can you bring me home after I return my rental?

Yes we will!  We are happy to provide you with a ride home in the Amherst area.  Be sure to call us prior to coming back with the rental to let us know. Rides can be offered between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.  For Saturdays, please call to confirm.

Do I need to fill the fuel on my rental before I return?

Yes. We give a full tank of fuel on checkout to enable easy return. If you return less than full, penalty refueling fees apply.

Tolls & E-ZPass

Can I use my E-ZPass with your rentals?

Yes.  According to E-ZPass, your transponder should easily transfer to the rental car on in-state trips.  If you plan to use the transponder out-of-state, it is important to call to add our rental to your account.  You can do this on a temporary basis, but it is your responsibility to make sure to remove it. Please note: E-ZPass has confirmed that you cannot add our rental to your account via their website due to our rentals being associated with our account.  You must call to add to make sure the rental is properly registered.  Please be sure to note their hours and allow for time to call before your trip. For out-of-state trips, you will need to add our rental vehicle to your account by phone, and remove it at the end.  This should work on most toll situations, however each state is different, and beyond our control.  Any directly billed tolls are subject to our toll processing fees. Refer to our Rental Terms & Conditions for current fee schedules.

What about Tolls if I don’t have an E-ZPass?

We list all of our rental cars with our E-ZPass account to allow for easier processing.  Most states and localities will bill directly to our account and give discounts if available. Within Massachusetts, if you do not have your own transponder, we will bill you for your toll when received, and add a processing fee per toll day up to five toll days per rental week. For trips outside of Massachusetts, please use the cash option when available if you wish to avoid the toll processing fee.  Where available, you may use the E-ZPass lane, however you will be subject to the toll processing fees.  Please note some localities and states do not allow vehicles in the E-ZPass lane without a transponder. Please pay attention to posted signs to avoid hassles. For a list of our current fee schedule, please visit our Online Rental Terms & Conditions.

Miscellaneous Questions

What happens if I’m involved in an accident in the rental?

Your safety and the safety of your passengers is the first consideration. Take care of you and your passengers first, and at the first opportunity call us. Please be sure to exchange all information with any other parties using our Rental Agreement and the state-issued registration in the glove compartment.  If available, get a copy of the Police Crash Exchange Form, and a copy of the police report when it is created. Our Customer Care Team is available in emergencies 24 hours a day. Call 413-549-7368, (800-698-7368) and leave a message on extension 31 and we will respond within a half hour.

Do I need to purchase your coverages?

You are not required to purchase any of our optional coverages. We strongly encourage you to check with your personal insurance agent and credit card provider to determine what coverages you might want to purchase prior to your rental.  Please be sure to account for any expected additional drivers, especially when they are not on your insurance policy, and trips outside of the U.S. Please note: vehicles larger than 7-passengers, or of a certain weight may not be covered under your auto insurance policy, specifically our larger passenger vans, cargo vans, and box trucks.  Please be sure to check with your providers in advance if you are renting this type of vehicle.