North Amherst Motors is your full-service automotive repair shop.  If you need a mechanic, look no further! We offer a range of mechanical repair services to help keep your car in perfect working order. Whether you have a new car, or a vintage car, we can help!

With on-site Car, Truck and Van Rentals, we can combine your time with our mechanic with a rental to help you stay moving.  Prefer to get a ride home to relax?  We can give you a ride back if you live in Amherst, and pick you up at the end of the day.

Let us do all the work – our mechanic will bring your car back to pristine  working order as you relax, do your errands, or get back to work.

Check out some of our services below and give our certified mechanic a call today!

Starting at $89.95

One of the many benefits of regular alignments is to help even wear on your tires. When out of alignment, tire wear is uneven and can damage them prematurely. This not only affects your tire longevity, it also affects your fuel economy! Get your vehicle aligned today using our state of the art Hunter Alignment System and save money on fuel!


One of the many components that keep you and your family, friends and even the rest of us safe is your braking system. Keeping it maintained and functioning properly is the sure way to give you more control and helping to prevent costly accidents. If you have an automatic transmission, or use your brakes without downshift, prepare to service them regularly to help keep them operating smoothly and efficiently! Call to speak with our Service Advisor today to schedule your appointment!


Another beneficial preventative maintenance item to help with proper tire wear and to help with fuel economy, shocks and struts are integral in maintaining an efficient vehicle. Call our Service Advisor today and schedule an appointment!


We offer exhaust repair on almost any type of vehicle! Call our Service Advisor today and schedule an appointment!

Starting at $149.95

Whether your car requires a 60,000, 120,000 or regular maintenance visit, we can help!

Standard Oil – Starting at $44.95
Synthetic Oil – Starting at $69.95

Enjoy the personalized service of a North Amherst Motors Oil Change. Your car, and your information in our hands will help keep your regular maintenance and your car running. Call today to schedule your oil change and make your car smile!


Got a leak?  Need some winter tires?  Just want them rotated?  Give us a call so we can schedule you in!  Combine this service with others and save time!

A/C Recharge & Repair

Don’t let the first time it reaches 90-degrees be the first day you find out your air conditioning doesn’t work!  Give us a call and schedule your recharge today!

Is what your looking for not on the list? Give us a call today and let us help you determine the best course of action for your needs! Call us on 413-549-2880 and ask for Bryon!

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