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Driving in the rain? Use your headlights! 06/02/2017

Mass. Law Implemented in 2015 Virtually Unknown to Residents As many of our customers are aware, we are thorough when we put you into a rental car.  We go over controls, and show you where everything is.  We also offer you of a few important tips, including a Massachusetts law that seems… Read more

Hybrid Rentals are here! Save on fuel, and help the environment! 02/17/2017

hybrids have arrived Begin saving on fuel in a hybrid rental car! In our continuing effort to give the best rental options for our customers, we have added Hyundai’s Hybrid Sonatas to our fleet.  With limited availability, this new class of rental will help you save fuel for those longer trips… Read more

Toll Booths will be a thing of the past.
Tolls in Massachusetts – Big Changes Ahead! 10/07/2016

New System takes Effect October 28th. As many of you may have noticed, Massachusetts is joining several states with an all-electronic tolls system, kicking us into the future whether we want to go or not.  The new system has many advantages, and a few disadvantages for our less-technology-inclined residents.  Read… Read more

Mechanic inspects new frame.
Mechanic Framed! 09/30/2016

“I was framed I tell ya! Framed!” It is not every day that we have to do such an extensive repair, but recently a customer was rear-ended and the frame was damaged beyond repair.  It is in times like these that our mechanic’s abilities is important, which is why we… Read more

Fall Foliage Rental Time – See the Foliage Today! 09/20/2016

As the weekends begin to cool, we are starting to see the trees respond in the beautiful way they do – fall foliage!  Thinking of taking a trip around New England to see the beauty of the foliage?  Get a rental car and make your trip extra special. North Amherst… Read more

Now Hiring: Rental Manager 05/11/2016

Auto Rental Manger for an established Auto and Truck Rental business.  Potter’s Auto & Truck Rental at North Amherst Motors is a family run company that has served the local community for over 40 years.  We are looking for a dynamic individual with both Sales and Customer Service experience to… Read more