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auto detail is CLOSED

We have finished for the 2017 season!

Be sure to check back in 2018 to schedule your seasonal detail when we begin taking appointments. Feel free to check back beginning in May 2018 to see if we are scheduling!

Auto Detail is the ultimate in automobile protection and beautification! Periodic reconditioning and detailing of your vehicle will protect its beauty and keep up re-sale value!

Check out the package options below to find the right one for your needs.  Then call us on 413-549-2880 to schedule!  Nice and easy.

Interested in combining a detail package with an existing repair?  Need a discounted rental for the day?  Be sure to let your Customer Care Representative know and we will be happy to help!

Auto Detail Interior Package

Interior Restoration – Package #1
Starting at $89.95

Is your car filled with dirt and crumbs?  Are you tired of the dust on your dash?  Our Interior Package will bring your car back to life!  Get all of these great benefits:

  • Shampoo and extract all carpet and upholstery
  • Detailed cleaning of interior, including the dash vents, trim panels and cup holders
  • Interior vinyl cleaning and dressing
  • Leather cleaning and reconditioning to original suppleness
  • Window cleaning inside and out
  • Trunk cleaning and vacuuming (be sure to clear out all items)
  • Exterior hand-wash and dry

Have some specific concerns or heavy stains?  Did you have a tear or a hole that needs addressing?  Ask about combining those repairs with your detail!

This package will need your car to stay the entire day.  We recommend an over-night stay for those cars that live outdoors so they can dry out in our comfy garage.

Exterior Auto Detail Package

Exterior Restoration – Package 2
Starting at $99.95

If you already keep your car’s interior clean and only need your car to shine again, this is the package for you!  This great detail package includes:

  • Hand wash and machine-polish and wax
  • Clean and refurbish your alloy wheels
  • Remove tar and bugs
  • Address minor tree sap issues
  • Interior vacuuming and wipe-down

Have some damage to discuss that won’t come out with a buff?  Ask our Customer Care Representative about combining your detail with a minor repair!  (May extend your vehicle’s stay, of course!)

This package will need your car to stay the entire day.

Auto Detail Full Interior & Exterior

Complete Renewal – Package 3
Starting at $169.95

Our most effective auto detail package will make your car look and feel like new again!  Including a complete, bumper-to-bumper make-over combining both the interior and exterior packages!  ($189.90 value – you save $19.95!)

This package will need your car to stay the entire day.  We recommend an over-night stay for those cars that live outdoors so they can dry out in our comfy garage.

Large Vehicle Auto Detail

Large Vehicle – SUV / Minivan
Starting at $30.00 more.

Have a larger vehicle?  Don’t worry!  We will get your SUV or Minivan looking like new without breaking your wallet.

The size of your vehicle may need an extended stay.  We recommend coming to drop by 8am on the day to give us some extra time.

auto detail headlight polish

Headlight Polishing
Starting at $49.95 more.

Are your headlight lenses getting foggy?  We can help!  Add headlight polish to your detail package and bring them back to their clear, new car brightness!  Be sure to mention it to your Customer Care Representative!

How to Prepare for your Detail Appointment

Once you have an appointment for your car, here are few tips to make sure we are able to make your car look as good as possible.  Remember to let us know any specific concerns, and we will let you know if this will help, or if you need further repair!

  • Clean out all unnecessary items from your car, including important papers, equipment, personal items, anything of value, and your pile of loose change.
  • Clean out the trunk – we cannot do this for you, so do not forget!
  • If you have car seats, you will want to remove them before your appointment.  We cannot remove, adjust, or clean under them!
  • Clean up any hazardous material, which includes anything a pet or baby might leave behind, toxic chemicals, etc.
  • Your car needs to join us before 10am to meet your appointment.  If you are running late, it is important to call us as soon as possible so we can confirm.

We look forward to meeting you and your car!