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Toll Booths will be a thing of the past.
Massachusetts is going all electronic at all toll stations.

Tolls in Massachusetts – Big Changes Ahead!

New System takes Effect October 28th.

Electronic Tolls are Here!
Massachusetts’ new Electronic Tolls

As many of you may have noticed, Massachusetts is joining several states with an all-electronic tolls system, kicking us into the future whether we want to go or not.  The new system has many advantages, and a few disadvantages for our less-technology-inclined residents.  Read all about it in the WWLP Story.

The new tolls system takes effect on October 28th, and demolition on the old booths starts shortly after that.  It sounds as if you will never know they were there before winter takes hold.

New transponders are a bit unsightly, but do make it easier to fly down the highway.  No longer will you need to stop, or slow down, when entering and exiting the turnpike, but it may cause confusion when you borrow someone’s car, or in our case, when you rent a car.  If you are unfamiliar with them, they work by taking a snapshot of the license plate of your vehicle as you pass under.  Or if you have an E-Z Pass transponder, it will also communicate with the device to automatically charge your account – if your plate matches.  And if you do not have an account, or your information is incorrect, it will send a

North Amherst Motors is Ready!

To make life easier for our customers – and for us! – we are planning to add E-Z Pass transponders to our available accessories.  This will help customers to take advantage of the discounts available to E-Z Pass holders, even in their rental cars.

If a customer still has their own transponder, they are welcome to use it.  As always, remember to add our rental to your account for during your rental period, and then remember to remove it again after so that you are not charged for other customers’ travels.

The future is here – even if you’re not ready!