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Blowing Hot Air?

Now that the hotter days are back, it is the time of year when your air conditioning failing you cannot be less convenient. Getting your car back in working, frigid condition is important to keep you comfortable in your own mobile home-away-from-home.

Refilling your air conditioning system's refrigerant is easy. Our Service Manager Bryon and his team can get your car cold as ice again in no time.

How did this happen?

Air conditioning systems are closed, which means they should not run out of coolant if they are properly maintained. One of the major causes of leaks is a lack of use in the winter months causing seals to dry out and crack.

In order to avoid these potential nightmares, it is better to run your air conditioning system several times during the winter months. Conveniently, the air conditioning compressor runs when the you choose the Defrost setting.

This makes running your car's Defrost cycle important, even if your windows stay clear. This is also true if you mix Defrost with Floor, or Vent, depending on your model's options making it easier to use in your daily winter routine.

I had it recharged, but now it's hot again!

The last time your air conditioning system ran hot it only needed a recharge. We added dye at that time to help find the leaks later, which means your system ran out again just as planned.

The time between when you recharged, and when it runs out can vary. Depending on how bad of a leak it is, it can last you the entire summer without another issue and then blow hot the next year, or happens only a month later.

Once this happens you can come by again and we will be able to find the leak and repair it. Your air conditioning system will need one last recharge before being back in good health.

A leak seems easy, so why should I worry?

Although a leak is the most common symptom of not running your air conditioning system throughout the year, another major issue is possible; your air conditioning compressor itself could fail. This is much more to repair than a leak, so we recommend against it.

I want to get my air conditioning working now!

Great! So do we! Give us a call, or use the form below to get started today!

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